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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I submit a Contest Story?

      Who can submit an entry?
    • One entry per author, per contest.
    • Contest are open to any writer anywhere as long as the story is on topic.

      What to submit?
    • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror only please.
    • A 1000 word limit. Including a word count is "OK"
    • Do not center titles.
    • For italics, ****words you wish italicized***.
      (Note the consistent difference between the leading and trailing * Three on one side four on the other)

    • How to submit
    • Please send e-mail in "plain text" format.
    • Clearly state this is a "Contest Entry" in the subject line of the submission.
    • Please include your name, both real and/or as you wish it published.
    • Your address, both email and physical, so we know how to contact you if needed.
    • Anotherealm no longer accepts ANY hardcopy submissions.

      Writers use so many different operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux and even DOS) that there will inevitably be some conflicts between what was meant to be sent and what I got in your email. To minimize this problem it is recommended that you send in PLAIN TEXT or as some call it ASCII.
      If you don't know how to do this see this link for an example: "plain text"
      "Wordwrap" off is a good option.
      "Smartquotes" Please turn them off. (These are most often found in MS-Word. They are the slanty curly-cue quotation marks and their slanty curly-cue apostrophe counterparts. Which play very poorly with web pages and show up on the web as random characters. Why, yes I do hate them as I have to go over your story one word at a time to get rid of them.)
      "Character encoding" UTF-8 is a good one. Don't worry if you don't know what this means but if you do know, it would be nice.

    • Submissions are closed two weeks before the end of the contests.
        (This is done so I can catch up with the entries)

    • We get first worldwide electronic rights and anthology rights. All other rights revert to the author upon publication.

    • Winners
    • Winners will be chosen within two weeks of the end of the contest and will be posted to the Forum/BBS on the main website.

    • Just for fun include the name of the word processor you used, MS Word, MS Works, Word Star, Notepad, what ever. Kinda curious which one is most popular.

    Contest Stories (Up to 1,000 words) are handled by Webbie who can't spell, edit a sentence or even dance well. So, use a spell checker and give it a bit of polish, eh? Please send electronic submissions only, to

    Questions about the contests can be sent to the webmaster.

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