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Frequently Asked Questions
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    How to Submit: (Full Length Stories)

    How to Submit: (Full Length Stories)
    • Please send in an e-mail in "plain text" format.
    • Do not center titles.
    • We know when to set most text to italics. If you want italics for anything other than titles or thought, indicate start and stop places as follows: For italics, *****words you wish italicised***.
    • Please include your name, both real and as you wish it published.
    • Your address, both email and physical, so we know where to send the check and how to contact you.
    • Please include a word count.
    • Anotherealm accepts no attachments --no matter the type-- for fear of viruses. Set your stories to PLAIN TEXT and PASTE them in an e-mail for submission
    • Anotherealm no longer accepts ANY hardcopy submissions.
    • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror only please.
    • We get first worldwide electronic rights and anthology rights. All other rights revert to the author upon publication.

    Full Length Stories (Up to 5,000 words) are handled by Gary Markette. Please send electronic submissions only, to reserves the right to change the payment options at any time and for any reason.

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