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Contest Story Spotlight
on 2014/2/15 16:27:28 (137)
February thru April 2014

We've gotten a late start to this contest so let's keep it open a bit longer than usual.

For February, March and April 2014 we're going for the mood or tone of the story instead of an absolute topic.

The mood is "Creepy" which can be found just about anywhere from your local mall to your workplace.
You could find "creepy stuff" anywhere or anyplace. A bright summer day or a gloomy foggy night.
"Creepy" could be a time or place. Or even a person or thing. What is creepy and why of course is up to you.
Tell us about something or some place that would just send shivers up your spine.

As always have fun!
1000 words or less, Science fiction, Fantasy or Horror only please.
Contest closes April 30 2014

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"Nothing renews your appreciation for the military like the threat of invasion from life-sucking aliens."

- Woolsey
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